Watson, Neal & York offers a wide variety of services from traditional funeral services to direct cremation with several options in between.  Something relatively new to us is called a “green burial”.  Coincidentally, one of Maine’s 2 green cemeteries is located just a few miles away.
Service Definitions:

Traditional Burial:  This type of service is when arrangements are made to have a visitation and funeral ceremony, followed by burial at the cemetery.

Direct Burial:  This service is when arrangements are made to inter the deceased in a cemetery without having any ceremony or visitation.

Traditional Cremation:  While very similar to traditional burial, the difference is that following the funeral, the deceased is transferred to the crematory instead of the procession going to the cemetery.

Direct Cremation:  Direct cremation is selected when no ceremony or visitation is desired. It is most often the least expensive option offered.  

Memorial Service:  This is a service without the body present. A visitation, burial or cremation may or may not have preceded the memorial service.

Green Burial:  This service is when the deceased is buried without the use of chemicals in any way. No metal, plastic, or concrete of any kind is used in the burial.  An unfinished wood casket may be used, but is not necessary.

We offer the ability to pre-pay for your final expenses.  Many people like the idea of paying at today’s prices and having the guarantee that their final expenses will not be a burden on their children or other loved ones.  Funerals and cremations can certainly be an expense that no one thinks about until they are forced to.  We strive to make our prices fair, and to make a very difficult time a little easier by taking care of all the details that make a ceremony special.

Joseph Watson and his staff are available 7 days a week to answer questions or concerns of any kind. Please feel free to call (207)625-3221

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